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What You Need to Know

Selling your motorhome doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, selling to Motorhome Buyers Canada takes the hassle out of selling your motorhome altogether. Unlike selling your motorhome privately or through consignment, selling to Motorhome Buyers Canada means you have someone to take care of the legal paperwork as well as guaranteed money upfront for the sale of your motorhome.

At Motorhome Buyers Canada, we understand that you may have some questions concerning how we handle the purchase of various motorhomes throughout Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, British Columbia, and the United States. Below we have put together a list of frequently asked questions.

Why did Motorhome Buyers Canada call me?

You have been contacted by one of our Motorhome Buyers because they have found your motorhome on the internet or in a publication listed for sale. We are always trying to help peolpe sell their motorhomes.

How does Motorhome Buyers Canada arrive at an offer for my motorhome?

We do a complete appraisal on your motorhome. The most important factors to the appraisal of your motorhome are the year, make, model, mileage, and condition. Our Motorhome Buyers take into consideration the maintenance of your motorhome over its life. We will pay the current wholesale (book) market value for your motorhome.

How will Motorhome Buyers Canada evaluate my motorhome?

Our Motorhome Buyers will do an initial appraisal of your motorhome over the phone. You will be asked questions about the year, make, model, mileage, and overall condition of your motorhome. Please understand that all  offers are subject to an on-site inspection; features and appliances will be tested, and we do require a test drive of your motorhome.

What documentation is required?

As an automotive wholesaler in the Province of Ontario, we are subject to the regulations under the Ontario Motor Vehicle Dealers Act, 2002. All motor vehicle transactions including motorhomes must have a completed Vehicle Information Statement. This document records for resale purposes the mechanical history and condition of the motorhome. A Vehicle Purchase Agreement is also mandatory. In addition, we will complete an appraisal form that documents the history and current condition of the motorhome’s house components such as the appliances, propane system, electrical, generator, etc. Motorhome Buyers Canada is committed to providing full disclosure on all motorhomes when they are resold. It is our objective to ensure that all applicable information is passed along to the final purchaser (the consumer).

What will Motorhome Buyers Canada do for me?

When Motorhome Buyers Canada buys your motorhome we will take care of preparing all the legal documentation required under the Ontario Motor Vehicle Dealers Act (MVDA, 2002). In addition, we will arrange to payoff of your loan with your bank (if applicable) with certified funds. Finally, we will arrange to pick up your motorhome from your home.

If you have any more questions for Motorhome Buyers Canada, please contact us for further information.


We welcome motorhomes from all over Canada and the United States

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